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At Old Central Post Office Building
Vasagatan 28, Stockholm, Sweden

FMM Stockholm Goes Hybrid

Navigating the post-COVID hospitality environment requires adaptability, flexibility, and innovation.

We are planning for a hybrid event – with the addition of a number of digital components to the traditional live event in order to offer the participants and exhibitors additional benefits in this new context.

What is a Hybrid Conference?

The conference will take place within a virtual venue platform and at the hybrid venue at Posthuset Vasagatan in Stockholm as well.

Part of the programme-presentations and panel-discusssions will be broadcasted live from our studio at Posthuset Vasagatan. Event components that participants would traditionally experience in-person will be presented virtually.


Battery Minerals Race towards Sustainability

Come and explore the future of battery minerals in the Nordics. Discuss the issues that developers will face as the EV revolution heats up.

Junior mining companies

Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems

Join us in a preview of Digitalization and European Sustainable Intelligent Mining Systems. SIMS – People, Sustainability and Technology, all coming together.

Exploration companies

Research and Innovation

Future Sustainable Raw Materials Supply and The Nexus between Industry, Academic and Research Breakout session in cooperation with LTU, SIP STRIM and EIT Raw Materials.


  • Broaded Nordic Cooperation
  • Policy Cycles
  • Balance of Power between Actors
  • Comparative Policy Analysis
  • Impact of Reforms
  • Access to Raw Materials
  • Non-Market Challenges and Overall Risk Trends

It all starts here! Sustainable, Responsible, Cost Effective and Profitable Exploration in the Nordics – A Look at Systems, Processes, Production and Safety.

  • Equal Representation of Conflicting Interests
  • Land Use Issues
  • Availability of Land and Land Use Planning
  • Community and Indigenous Consultation and Engagement
  • Mapping of the Impacts of Mining in Arctic and Boreal Regions
  • “Timeliness”, “Predictability”, “Flexibility”, and “Stringency”in Impact Assessment and Permitting Processes
  • Movement from Macho to Modern
  • Competence Building and New Skills Requirement
  • Attractiveness of Work Environment
  • Gender and Diversity in Constantly Changing Workplaces
  • Research and Innovation as an Enabler for Future Sustainable Raw Materials Supply
  • The Nexus between Industry, Academia and Research
  • Radical Pace of the Digitial Transformation
  • Big Data and Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Overview on Battery Metal Trends
  • Strategic Government Incentives
  • Electric Vehicle Revolution
  • Energy Storage Technologies
  • Growth Companies anchored in the Battery Ecosystem
  • Future of Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel, Graphite, Rare Earths and Vanadium, amongst others

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Transportation is becoming an increasingly integrated part of the production chains of all kinds of producing and processing industries today.

What extent of infrastructure investment is needed – particularly into railways and shipping – to enable large scale industrial developments in the north of Norway, Sweden and Finland?

How will exports and growth, rural development and the labour market be affected?

  • Investment Attractiveness in Nordic Exploration and Mining
  • Creating Investor Friendly Climate
  • Geological Endowment
  • Issues in Traditional Funding
  • Advent of New Streams of Funding, Royalities and Streaming


Peter Carlsson


Mikael Staffas

President &
CEO Boliden

Christina Wanhainen

Scientific leader,
Future mining, LTU

Digital Transformation Mining

Gwenole Cozigou

Director, DG GROW, European Commission



  • Extensive exposure to top decision-makers: mining operators, exploration companies, investment houses, parliament, policy outfits and regulatory agencies.
  • Unrivalled networking opportunities to allow you, vital face-to-face interactions with peers working in the mining industry.
  • Hands-on insight from key opinion-makers and trend-setters.
  • Receive the very best business intelligence – we assure you that you will be in contact with today’s experts and pioneers.
  • Top decision-makers from the mining industry.
  • Leading heads, such as director generals from the relevant authorities.
  • Representatives from the financial community.
  • Researchers from the academic community.
  • Politicians, MPs and representatives from local districts and regions.
  • International figureheads from the European Commission, Embassies, NGOs and many more.


”The conference is a platform for networking and sharing where specialists in the field not only exchange experiences about the latest business intelligence, opportunities and trends while sharing hands-on insights from the mining and exploration sector, but also interact with policymakers and decision-makers from government and parliament.
Welcome to the Future Mine and Mineral conference”.

Håkan Terras-Wahlberg, Chair Georange


Exploration companies - SGU
Digital Transformation Mining - LTU
Research and Innovation in Mining - Raw Materials
Attracting Investments in Mining - Canada
Climate smart mining - Georange
Junior mining companies - Nordic Publishing